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Stable Currency

USDA (USD Asset) converts cash into digital currencies, to anchor the value to the price of highly stable and secured national currency - the US Dollar.

100% Backed

Tied to the underlying components on a 1 X 1 ratio, 1 USDA (USD Asset) is equivalent to 1 USD.

Fully Transparent

Our reserve holdings are published. All USDA (USD Asset) in circulation always match our reserves.

Blockchain Solutions

As more goods and services are tokenized, smart contract platforms will become fundamental building blocks of value exchange. Stablize’s open-source and transparent stable coin framework allows fiat to interact with smart contracts, giving developers a viable way to use real world currencies in blockchain applications.

Widespread Integration

USDA (USD Asset) will be the most widely integrated digital-to- fiat currency. Buy, sell, and use USDA (USD Asset) at most of the major exchanges available worldwide.


The value of USDA (USD Asset) is protected by a multi-signature wallet. Our Platform complies with the General Data Protection Regulation to protect your information, as specified in the Privacy Policy.


Unlimited currency possibilities

Add a stable digital currency solution to your business by integrating with USDA

  • Easy setup
  • Full infrastructure support
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Money built for the internet

Whatever you can do with digital currencies, you can now do with digital cash.

Blockchain Companies

  • Offer your services in a variety of digital currencies.
  • Price goods and services in a currency your customers are familiar with.
  • Reduce operating costs and times by bypassing financial institutions.


  • Use USDA (USD Asset) as an alternative to traditional currency deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Secure and manage customer assets purely through crypto-processes, including Multi-Signature.
  • Settle fiat balances between exchanges much easier and in real-time.


  • Seamlessly move currency between exchanges and wallets.
  • Enhance your cross-exchange and currency arbitrage strategy.
  • Be the custodian of your own funds and eliminate exchange custodial risk.

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